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The Government of Rajasthan has recently announced on related to the Kusum yojana Solar Pump Scheme, through this scheme the government of Rajasthan is to provide the Solar Powered Solar Pump to the farmer of the state. SO under this scheme, both the central and the state governments are working together to convert the 3 crore petrol and diesel irrigation pump in the entire Rajasthan. Also, in the last month, the Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has announced that the expunction of Prime Minister’s Agriculture Energy Uplift Mahabhiyan (PM Kusum Yojana) throughout the state.

The Central government and the state government both are working together with the collaboration of Ministry of Power and New Renewable Energy to bring the green power throughout the irrigation system in the country, this will not only reduce the consumption of petrol and diesel also will help much in the pollution throughout the state. Through this scheme, the central government is to provide up to 20 lakh new solar pumps to the farmers in the country after the expansion of the Kusum Yojana Scheme.

Rajasthan Kusum Yojana Overview

Name of the Scheme Safflower Scheme
Launch By Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman
Beneficiary To the Farmers of the country
Main Objective Providing Solar Pump to the Farmers
Benefit Solar irrigation pump to the Farmers
Category Central Government Scheme
Mode of Application Online
Official web portal https://rreclmis.engery.rajasthan.gov.in/

Kusum Yojana Registration (New Update) 2020

Through the implementation of Kusum Yojana, now the farmers of the state will only need to pay 10% of the total cost of the agriculture pump. The central government also will provide 48 thousand crores of bank loans to the farmers of the state under this scheme. Also, the government is planning to plant a sterile field land in the first draft of the Pini Kusum Yojana, all the plant s will be able to generate 280000 Mega Watt power supply this will be enough to supply the green energy supply to the state.

Rajasthan Kusum Yojana

Also, in the 1st phase, the government has provided 17.5 lakh of the solar-powered pump to the farmers of the state through this scheme. With this, the farmers of the state have already provided % of the total expenditure by the bank as on the additional loan. The central minister Nirmala Sitharaman has also said that Lakh farmers also will be provided funds to install a grid-connected to the solar pump under the PM Kusum Scheme.

Implementation of PM Kusum Yojana 2020

The main objective of the PM Kusum Yojana is to increase the income of the farmer of the country by using the solar pump. Also, the government has successfully implemented this scheme through this scheme, the central and the state government has already allotted the budget of Rs. 50 thousand crores to the farmers of the state to install the solar pumps and to promote the purchase of the solar products through the Kusum Yojana solar pump scheme. Also, the government has already distributed up to 20 lakh of the solar pump to the farmers of the state in the year 2020-2021.

Now, the government has made all the diesel and petrol pump converted to the solar pump through this scheme. The solar pump distribution scheme will be beneficial for those state which is most badly affected by the problem of drought. Under this scheme, the central government has set the target to provide up to 3 crore solar power plants by the year 2022 under the Kusum Yojana scheme.

Important Highlight related to the PM Kusum Yojana 2020

Under the Kusum Yojana Scheme, In the Union Budget, the central government Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has agreed on the new idea which will bring the major change in the Kusum Yojana Scheme. The details of the changes to be made under this scheme in the union budget 2020-2021 are here listed below.

  1. Through this scheme now the farmer if the country will have to pay only 10% of the amount to install the solar pump.
  2. All the plants will be planted on the barren on unfit land for agriculture.
  3. Under this scheme, now the farmer of the state will get 30% of the amount in the form of a bank loan for installing the solar pump.
  4. After the new proposal under this scheme, now the central government will pay 60% of the total cost on the solar pump installing.
  5. 60% of the subsidy will be provided to the cost of the pump to all the beneficiary farmers through a bank account.

Main Objective of PM Agricultural Energy Security (Kusum Yojana) 2020

  • Under the Kusum Yojana, the government is to make the farmers self-reliant in the field of energy conservation. Also by supplying the electricity produced from the solar panel to the national electric power grid, which will lead to earning the additional income to the farmer of the country.
  • Through this scheme, the unsuitable wastelands will also be used for cultivating farmers, so that their land will also be used.
  • Also, under this scheme now the farmers will be able to produce other solar panel crops for solar panels.
  • Through this scheme, the distribution companies will be paid 30 paise per unit to the landowner for installing solar panels to the farmers.
  • This also will lead to an increase in the farmer income of about Rs 6600 per month.

Important Features of PM Solar Power Kusum Yojana.

  • Through the scheme PM Kusum Scheme, the government is to increase the farmer’s income and they will be able to become self-sufficient by using solar energy and renewable energy.
  • Through this scheme, now the farmers will be able to supply additional power generated by these solar panels to the grid, which will lead to earning additional income to the farmer.
  • Through this project, the farmer will also have to spend only 10% of the total cost, apart from this 30% amount will be borne by the bank through loan and the 60% amount will be borne by the central government.
  • Now the farmers also will able to use their barren or agriculture land unsuitable for solar panels.
  • Through this project, the central government has set the target of installing 17.5 Lakh of irrigation pumps run by solar energy, which will lead to the end of the irrigation problems of the poor farmers.

Eligibility Criteria for PM Kusum Scheme 2020

Till now the central government does not set any eligibility to apply for this scheme, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy is to take advantage of this scheme. For this scheme farmer’s form, any state of the country can apply and take the advantage of this scheme to increase their income by using the solar or renewable energy-powered solar pumps.

What is the document required to apply for Kusum Yojana?

If you are a farmer and looking to apply for the Kusum Scheme, then here are the lists of documents that you will need to keep handy while applying for the scheme.

  1. Aadhar Card
  2. Bank Account Passbook
  3. Income Certificate
  4. Mobile Number
  5. Address proof
  6. Passport size photocopy

Procedure to apply for PM Kusum Yojana 2020

If you are looking to apply for the Kusum Scheme, then follow this step by step procedure given below.

  • Step 1: Go to the official web portal of the Kusum Scheme. (https://rreclmis.energy.rajasthan.gov.in/)
  • Step 2: From the home page click on the option “Online Registration”
  • Step 3: A new page will be open on your screen, here you will get the application form to apply for Kusum Yojana.
  • Step 4: You will need to fill the application with your details such as your Name, Aadhar number, Mobile number Address, etc.
  • Step 5: After you fill the application form you will ask to pay the 10% cost of the solar pump to the approved suppliers by the selected beneficiaries.
  • Step 6: After you have successfully registered for the scheme within the 90 10 120 days solar pumps will be installed in your fields.

Kusum Yojana Registration

Procedure to see the list of a registered application under Kusum Yojana 2020

If you have already applied for the Kusum Scheme, then here is the step by step procedure to see the list of register application.

  • Step 1: Go to the official web portal of Kusum Yojana. (https://rreclimis.energy.rajasthan.gov.in/)
  • Step 2: From the home page click on the option “List of Register application”
  • Step 3: Now on the new page you will get all the list of register applications under this scheme.

Kusum Yojana List

Contact Helpline Number of Kusum Yojana

If you have any complaints or quires related to the Kusum Yojana, then you may contact the helpline listed below.

  • Helpline Number: 011-243600707, 011-24360404
  • Toll-Free Number: 1800-180-3333

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FAQ’s Frequently Asked Question on Kusum Yojana

What is PM Kusum Yojana?

In the year 2019, the Central Government had launched a scheme to provide subsidy on the solar pump to increase the income of farmers, which is called Kusum Yojana.

How much subsidy will be provided by the central government in these schemes?

According to the guidelines issued by the central government, 60% of the total cost will be borne by the central government on the solar panel installed in the farmer’s field.

How many fatalities have been set by the Central Government for PM Kusum Scheme?

Under this scheme, the central government has laid down three components. Solarization of 10,000 MW grid-connected decentralized renewable power plants, 17.50 lakh grid-separated solar power agricultural pumps, and 1 million grid-connected solar power agricultural pumps.

 What safflower plan under the pump to cost 30% of the loan the bank to take necessary is?

No, it depends entirely on the farmer. If the farmer can invest 40% of the total cost then he can. Apart from this, under other circumstances, he can get a 30% loan from the bank.

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