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What is an E Shram Card and how does it work

The government created the e-shram portal to create a database of workers in the unorganized sector. Workers can register on the portal to receive all government schemes via e-shram cards.

The e-shramik portal has been used by thousands of workers in the unorganized sector. However, workers still have questions about e-shram cards. Some of these questions have been answered by the Ministry of Labor. Which we will talk about in end of the article. 


This portal will allow the government to register more than 38 workers who are not organized and provide benefits under various schemes.

The e-Shram card, which will be linked to Aadhaar, will include information about cardholders as well as their businesses. The registration process for e-Shram is open. Those who meet the eligibility requirements can register immediately.

Who can get an e-shram card?

Tutor, Safai Karamchari, Guard, Housekeeper-Maid (Kam Wali Bai), Cooking Bai (Cook), Beauty Parlor Worker, Barber, Cobbler, Tailor, Carpenter, Plumber, Electrician (Electrician), Grandson ( Painter), Tile Wale, Every

Shopkeeper/Salesman/Helper, Auto Driver, Driver, Puncher Maker, All Animal Husbandry, Paper Hawker, Shepherd, Dairy Wale, Zomato Swiggy Delivery Boy, Amazon Flipkart Delivery Boy (Courier Wale) ), Welder, Agricultural labourer,

NREGA worker, Stone breaker, Mine worker, Brick kiln worker, False ceiling worker, Sculptor, Fisherman, Rickshaw puller, Carry seller of any kind (Vendor),

Reza, porter, chaat wala, bhel wala, chai wala, hotel servant/waiter, receptionist, inquiry clerk, operator, nurse, wardboy, aaya, temple priest, daily wage earners of various government offices i.e. You can make an E Shramik card of any visible worker around you.


E Shram Card Benefits

  • The government will have the most important advantage of obtaining the data of the unorganized workers within the country.


  • Register employees with valid E Shram Cards will be eligible for an accident insurance coverage of Rs 2 lakh under Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana.


  • This database can be used for identification and assistance of unorganized workers in crisis situations such as pandemics or national crises.


  • Through this portal, beneficiaries will receive benefits under various state and national security schemes.


  • After registration through the portal, workers will be able to use the e-shram card across the country. Cardholders of the Ashram card can use it anywhere in India.


E Sharam Card Eligibility

The most important question is: Who can register on this portal? This question can be answered by UW. All workers in the unorganized sector are eligible to register. Before registration, UW must meet the following conditions:


  • Indian citizens must have the right to apply for the UW.
  • Age should range from 16 to 59 years.
  • The UW shouldn’t be a member either of ESIC/EPFO or NPS.
  • No income requirements are required for registration.
  • Self-employed worker who works from home and earns a daily wage in the unorganized sector. This person is not an employee of the government, and is not a member EPFO or ESIC. This is the unorganized sector worker.


Important Documents

  • Aadhar Card
  • A mobile number can be linked to Aadhar card
  • Bank account


Important dates and application fee

The Ministry of Labor and Employment, Government of India has received the most recent information and sources. You can make your elabor card at your convenience.


The official Twitter handle of the Ministry of Labor and Employment provides a lot of information to those working in the unorganized sector. This ensures that workers are not faced with any difficulties during registration on the e–shram portal. 


Step-by-Step Process for E Sharam Registration 2022

It is very easy to register on the Eshram portal. There are three main ways to register on the portal. These are the three main ways to get enrolled in the portal.


Registering at the State Government’s Regional Offices in Districts or Sub-Districts – The State Government’s concerned person will complete the registration.


Register through Common Service Centers (CSC). To register on the portal, one can visit the closest CSC and get his/her UAN.


Self-registration- UWs may also register online. Follow the steps below to register.


Register now

  • Begin by visiting the official portal, i.e. eshram.gov.in. 
  • Click on the link “Register at e-Shram” to go to the portal’s homepage. 
  • After verifying the OTP, your details will be open under the Self-Registration Form. Click on the Agree button to continue. 
  • Fill in your personal information, and then move to the next section.
  •  Now fill in your address details. 
  • Fill in the address, education qualification, occupation and bank details. 
  • A preview of your self-declaration will now open. 
  • Take a copy of this page and review the details. 
  • Click the submit button to fill out the OTP in the appropriate field. 
  • Click the submit button.
  •  Your UAN (Unique Account number) card will then be generated. 
  • To download your UAN, click on the Download button.

Be careful when you visit the Common Services Center

Register online using the portal. However, this will work best for you. If you wish to register at Common Services Centers, please bring your Aadhaar, bank account and mobile information.


How can you benefit from registering on the E-Shram portal?

 Answer: In order to build a database of workers in the unorganized sector, the e-shram portal has been created.

The government’s main goal is to find out how many people work in the unorganized sector and to reach them with the benefits of government programs.

This means that registering on eShram will close the gap between the government, unorganized workers, and the government. You will be able to reap the benefits of government schemes and programs in the future and present.

 What schemes will be of benefit to the workers in the unorganized sector?


 Answer: The future services and schemes of the government will not be available to any unorganized worker who is registered on the portal. The e-shram cards will allow workers to access all future schemes and services, in addition to the existing ones.


We hope you enjoyed the article and learned everything about eShram Card. You can ask any questions or make suggestions in the comments.


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